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Staying true to you

Let’s face it, being different is not easy when you’re in junior high or high school. The last thing you do is want to increase your chances of never fitting in or to lose your rightful position in the “in-crowd”. But, no matter what the situation, it is always important to stand up for yourself, stay true to your values and put your health and safety above anything else.

No doubt you will be invited to parties or encouraged to drink at one point while you are in school. Are you prepared for how you will respond when you don’t really want to drink? It’s a good idea to play out in your head what you might say, just in case you are ever asked.

Let’s say one of the cool kids in school says to you, “come on, just have one beer. It’s no big deal.” How will you respond? You might try something like,

“That’s okay. I’ll stick to Gatorade. That stuff makes me crazy enough as it is.”
Or something like, “Hey, I’m working really hard to get out of this town someday. I’m not letting anything get in my way so water is good enough for me.”

If you happen to go to a party where alcohol is being served, the best thing to do is leave. You could be in legal trouble for just being present where alcohol is being served. Say something like,

“I’m kind of beat tonight. I think I’ll head out.”

“My Mom is making me go home. I’d better run.”
It’s the one time when letting your mom or dad be the bad guy will work in your favor.
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Staying true to you

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