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PPC Meeting Dates
Strategic Prevention Framework-State Initiative Grant Planning Information
SPF SIG planning information

Final Documents
Electronic Needs Assessment Report
Strategic Plan V.6
Panhandle Prevention Coalition Organizational Chart
Readiness Scores
Community Events and Festivals
Campus Policies Test Fit
CMCA Test Fit
Compliance Checks Test Fit
Mass Media Test Fit
Policy Change in Community Test Fit
Responsible Beverage Server Test Fit
School Policies Test Fit Form
Sobriety Checkpoints Test Fit
Strengthen Prosecution Strategy Test Fit

Assessment Tools
Law Enforcement Interview
On-Premise, Off-Premise Reporting Tool
Readiness Interview Form

Data and Reports
Community Data Document
Behavioral Health Region 1 -Profile Report
SICA Report 10-20-08
Promotion Summary
Highway Signage
Native American Focus Group Summary
Law Enforcement Summary
Community Meeting Summary
Program Evaluation Presentation of Data Related to Needs Assessment
Community Readiness Assessment
Needs Assessment Reporting Tool
Mark DeKraai Powerpoint presentation
Description of Powerpoint

Strategy Selection
PPC SPF-SIG Logic Model
Pre-Approved Nebraska SPF/SIG Strategy List
Nebraska SPF-SIG Strategy Approval Guide
SPF-SIG Strategy Test Fit Form
SPF-SIG Strategy Request for Approval

Updated 04/08/2011
Meeting dates, agendas, and minutes
SPF SIF planning information

SPF SIG implementation

Community organizers by county

Marketing material

Report underage drinking

Be Strong-Be the Influence

2010-2012 Nebraska Young Adult Alcohol Opinion Survey

Educational Presentations by Nebraska State Patrol

Social Host Fact Sheet

Contributing to Minors Law Fact Sheet

Underage Drinking Fact Sheet

DUI Fact Sheets

Tobacco Free Infographic

Is supported in whole or part, by federal or state funds received from Region 1 Behavioral Health Authority, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Division of Behavioral Health and Tobacco Free Nebraska Program as a result of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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