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How to help a friend

Talking to your friends about alcohol use can be extremely uncomfortable. It might even feel awkward, or as if you are passing judgment on someone who is very important to you. But a true friend is someone who always has their friend’s best interest in mind. A true friend cares enough to have the conversations that really matter.

If your friend isn’t using alcohol, make a pact with them that together you will stay away from the stuff. Promise each other that whenever you’re tempted to try it, that you will text or call to talk through it. Make a commitment to be one another’s support person.

If your friend is already using, find the courage within you to ask them to quit. Let your friend know how much you care about them and how worried you are about their safety and their future.

If they need professional help, offer to go with them to meet a counselor. If they are worried about not being in the in-crowd, offer to hang out with them more. If they do it because it’s fun, offer to do another fun, yet safe, thing like going to a movie or hosting non-alcohol parties.

The bottom-line is that drinking causes all kinds of problems – trouble in school and sports, trouble with parents, the law and teachers. More importantly, it can cause serious health problems both physically and mentally. Drinking can lead to your friend getting killed or your friend accidentally killing someone else.

If your friend refuses to listen, or continues to drink, care enough for him or her to talk to a trusted teacher or counselor. Maybe they can help get your friend to listen.

Whatever the case, you should care enough to have the conversation. While it isn’t an easy one, you will be so proud that you did.
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How to help a friend

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